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Frog Lake Snowshoe Trip

Friday night John and I met up with Cord at the Frog Lake snow park parking area. It was getting late and light was fading in a hurry. Between the lack of light and snow it was hard to see much of anything. We eventually found a clearing and got setup. After a short lived fire and some dinner, we crawled into our hammocks and called it a night.
Friday nights low was 27 degrees

In the morning (after the best night sleep I have ever had in a hammock) I woke up to a Large WOOSH sound and the snow sliding from my tarp. I notice I had a nice dusting of snow over top of me. I stuck my head out to see John standing outside of his tarp. Apparently the tree above him dropped a nice amount of snow and his mason line ridge line was not up to the task and snapped. After checking everything out and that everyone was ok we half tore down camp and made breakfast under my tarp. Then packed up and headed back to the car to drop some un-needed gear and snowshoe around to explore the area.

After exploring and finding a very cool area we packed up and headed to Barlow Snow Park (after stopping for coffee) to explore other options for the area. After snowshoing around we figured out that the deeper in we went the more dead trees seamed to be around and decided to just setup camp closer to the cars for the last night. We were probably ranged from 100-160 feet from the road. (bad idea)

Later that night after a while of nurseing a fire to life we got introduced to the giant snowblower that moves the snow creating large parking areas. Well we saw it coming our way and we scattered behind trees! Cord’s and John’s tarps got dusted, but luckily the trees broke it up enough that there wasnt any damage.. My Gargoyle tarp (the furthest away from the road) wasnt so lucky. There was a nice narrow path that the bulk of snow just shot through and hit it directly, the ridge line tie out loop just wasnt up to the task and tore out a small section of tarp with it.. After checking over everything we rigged my tarp up and made it work just fine
(lots of tie out loops are good) un-buried everything that the machine covered up and noticed that the “fire” was white and dead.

After a short chat time and some drinks, we all headed to our hammocks and called it a night. Saturday nights low was 22 degrees Sunday morning we tore down and headed home. All in all it was a fun adventure, no real harm alot of fun

Todd Lake Snowshoe

Friday the 30th of December 2011

Ed, Cord and I headed up to Mt Bachelor for an overnight hang. We started at the Dutchman Flats Snow Park and planned to snowshoe out to Todd Lake for the night. This was Eds first snowshoe trip! Also the first trip for much new gear including my new DIY Pulk.

When we arrived it was snowing a bit with a slight breeze, it was quite pleasant and peacfull outside. We snowshoed down the groomed ski trail about 1/4-1/2 mile to the snowshoe trail and started to head in. The snow gradually started to come down a bit harder and it took some time to find the trail markers but for the most part we managed without much trouble.(Only one real detour) After a few miles we came across a large opening with what we figured was the creek that fed off of Todd Lake and we knew we were close to our goal. The trail wasn’t very clear at this point and after a bit of exploring and spotting a sign on the other side we tried to get around to it. Cord was leading the way when his foot broke through the snow and he found water! Now one of his boots was soaked and that was the beginning of our problems. With some help, ED helped him up and we started to backtrack, and found out there was water under most of this section. Luckily we managed to keep everything else dry.

Not quite willing to concede at this point we start searching for options. By this point its been snowing steadily for hours and even some of our trails have been covered back up. The wind has picked up some and we are tired, its starting to get a bit stressfull so we sit down inside some trees that provide some shelter for a well needed hot lunch.

After lunch we decide that the wind is pretty bad where we were and the snow is coming down at a decent rate. We decide we are going to backtrack down the snowshoe trail and see what we find. Cord gets a head start while ED and I are packing up and I guess he ate his wheaties because it took us forever to catch him and we were pounding the trail trying. (so much so we were sure he was lost on some other trail) But eventually we caught up to him. The weather wasnt getting better, Cords foot was soaked, and it wasnt even 5pm yet… We decided to be smart and concede this trip and head back to the truck.

We did manage to have a great time and test out some new gear, so not all was bad.
ED discoverd the fun of snowshoeing around the woods, and we are all looking foward to our next trip.

Oh and my Pulk worked AWESOME!!!!!